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Looking for Cupcake Filling ideas? You've come to the right place for a fantastic variety of fillings that will turn your cupcakes from great to extraordinary.

I always think that when deciding on cake filling recipes, you have to make sure that the filling, frosting and the cake flavor complement each other.

The filling and frosting are to enhance the flavor of the cake or cupcakes rather than overpower it. Often people will use the same recipe as both filling and frosting, however, there are a number of options that can make eating filled cupcakes an even more enjoyable and memorable taste sensation.

To fill your cupcakes you can slice cupcakes in half and spread the bottom half of the cupcake with a layer of filling and then place the second tier on top, or you can use a small paring knife to cut a small cone out of the centre of each cupcake. This cone-shaped hole is then filled with filling and the cut-out section of cupcake is placed back on top. The cupcake can then be frosted, if desired.

cupcake filling Another method is to fill a pastry bag or bottle fitted with a small round nozzle with your filling. Place the tip of the nozzle into the cupcake and gently squeeze in the filling. This method is especially suitable if the filling is of a reasonably thin consistency.

Some filled cupcakes only require a dusting of sifted powdered sugar on top to complete the taste.

To make the choice of fillings a little more difficult there is the option of filling after the cupcake has been cooked or adding a "bakeable" (I hope that's a word) filling that cooks inside the cupcake. If you choose this option, add a tablespoon of cupcake mixture to your cupcake tray, spoon in some cupcake filling and then cover with more mixture. Cream cheese filling are really well suited to be being baked in, or on top of cupcakes.

However you decide to add the filling, everyone is really impressed as the explosion of flavors when you bite into the filling is immediate. They look so much harder to make than they actually are.

"Whatever the question - cupcakes are always the answer."

Listed below are basic cupcake filling recipes. You can vary the flavors and add colors to the recipes to match any cakes or cupcakes.

Apricot filling is perfect with white cupcakes or cake.

Caramel filling is really versatile and can be used for chocolate, banana, and walnut cupcakes.

cupcake filling Chocolate filling suits chocolate cakes, banana cakes, hazelnut cakes ... and the list goes in. This is such a versatile filling and one that should be in every cook's repertoire.

Chocolate mousse filling is another versatile filling that can be used with just about any flavor of cake. It can dress up a vanilla cake and add extra depth to a chocolate cake.

Cream cheese filling is great with carrot cake, banana cake, red velvet cake, pumpkin cake etc. Really suitable to color or flavor.

Creme Patissiere is a rich creamy custard that is perfect for just about any cake or cupcakes.

Custard filling is similar to a creme patissiere filling but not quite as rich.

Lemon filling complements just so many cake flavors. I just love lemon filling with fruity cakes (eg berries) lemon cakes and my all time favorite combination of lemon and chocolate.

Mock cream filling is perfect for cupcakes and sponges. My mum always made mock cream and I love it with spicy gingerbread cupcakes or chocolate cakes.

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