Cupcake Liners

What are Cupcake Liners? They are individual paper cases that cupcakes are baked in.

These are typically round sheets of thin paper pressed into a round, fluted cup shape. Traditionally, you could only buy white cupcake papers but they are now available in a variety of colors and sizes so that they have become a big part of the overall appearance of the cupcake.

Liners help to easily remove cupcakes from the cupcake tray after baking. They also help to keep the cupcake more moist.

Because liners are made of thin material they need to be placed in cupcake pans before filling. They are not sturdy enough to hold their shape whilst cooking and need the tray cavities for support.

I always use liners because it means little or no mess. No need to oil or butter trays either which is a huge plus. And best of all, they never stick to the tray.

Cupcake papers are not to be confused with cupcake wrappers which are purely decorative and placed around a cooked cupcake.

Liners also mean less handling of the actual cupcakes as the paper casing protects the cake from dirty hands. Only the person eating the cupcake needs to touch the actual cake. I always think this is important when making cupcakes for small children who are never very good at washing hands!

Foil liners are much sturdier and can sometimes be placed straight onto a baking tray. However, I still like to place them in cupcake trays for the extra support. Silver and gold foil liners always look very elegant and can be teamed up with edible glitter and sprinkles with wonderful results.

There are some wonderful cupcake liners available to buy. Here are a selection of my favorite liners.

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