Cake Balls

Cute little cake balls have been around for a few years now and I am sure you have seen them in shops or pictures of them in magazines.

I don't know if these sweet treats belong in a website about cupcakes but they are just so cute that I couldn't resist including them. My little concession is that you can use cupcake crumbs rather than cake crumbs and change their name to cupcake balls!!

For those of you who haven't heard of cake (or cupcake) balls they are bite-sized cakes dipped in candy. Also known as cake pops and cake truffles, they are made by crumbling cake and combining with frosting which enables the little cake to hold its shape prior to being coated in chocolate.

cake balls These gorgeous little mouthfuls of heaven can then be easily served and eaten without a crumb being dropped ... or wasted! They are the perfect finger-food dessert.

Cake pops are super-sweet and super-moist and last for several days.

The frosting and candy coating prevent the little truffles from drying out which makes them the ideal sweet treat which can be made well ahead of schedule. Planning a bite-sized party dessert has never been easier.

cake balls If you are planning a party for children follow the steps for making cake pops but make a cake on a stick instead. These can then be wrapped individually and given as a party favor to your young guests.

There are two fantastic books available that give detailed instructions on making these little cake bites. I cannot possibly compete with the style and experience of these two ladies and would strongly recommend you purchase their books.

The first book is Cake Pops by Angie Dudly and the second is Cake Ballsby J Brentzel.

If you want an ever easier way to make cake balls, I have found an electric gadget that is perfect for these little treats. The electric cake pop maker takes all the guess work out of making them and gives you perfect results everytime.

I know you will have as much fun making and eating these little treats as I do!! Enjoy.

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