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Kitchen Appliances and Cupcake Equipment

Kitchen appliances and cupcake equipment are a central part of most kitchens. They make life so much more simple in the kitchen. Not only are they safer, they speed up meal and baking preparation time.

Because they are so useful, there are dozens of small kitchen utensil and appliance makers giving you hundreds of appliance and utensils to choose from. I find that I buy baking utensils on impulse when I see something that I think will help me in the kitchen. However, I tend to give more thought to buying kitchen appliances as they are a more expensive item.

There are so many items that we would really love to have but there are probably only a few that are essential for your baking needs. 

I have often been asked about cupcake equipment and what I consider to be essential for making cupcakes. This is my list of cupcake utensils and equipment.

Most cupcake recipes are very easy to make and you really only need a few pieces of kitchen equipment.

This is my basic list of cupcake utensils and equipment. 

1. Measuring cups
2. Measuring spoons
3. Electric stand mixer or hand mixer
4. Food Processor
5. Wooden Spoon
6. Spatula
7. Cupcake trays
8. Cupcake liners
9. Cake tester
10. Cooling racks
11. Piping bags and nozzles
12. Bowls in assorted sizes
13. Flour sieve or sifter
14. Kitchen timer
15. Kitchen scales

If you really love cooking, a good quality electric mixer is a real must. This is an appliance where you have to pay for quality and the KitchenAid is definitely at the top of the list.

The price is a little bit scary but it is worth every cent!

If you do a lot of baking and love to frost your cakes, I would suggest that the following equipment for making cupcakes could be useful: 

1. Cupcake stand
2. Frosting knife
3. Assorted cupcake trays in fun shapes

Which cooking utensil do you always use?

What is your favorite cupcake utensil and why? What kitchen utensil do you always use?

We would love you to share your thoughts and pass on your experience to other readers.

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Cupcake Equipment

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