Cupcake Picks

Add a professional look to your cupcakes with these plastic Cupcake Picks.

Picks are a very inexpensive way to dress up your cupcakes. They are available in so many styles that you can customise your cupcakes to any occasion.

The little plastic picks come in colors and shapes which are suitable for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Weddings and all our special occasions.

They make decorating cupcakes so easy. All you need is frosted cupcakes and one or two picks in each cupcake will really complete the look. If you wish, you can add a dusting of edible glitter to further dress up your cupcake creations.

All you have to do is stick the pointy end of the pick into the cupcake. It is that easy!!

I never used to use plastic cupcake toppers as I thought they were a hazard for young children. However, because of the fantastic range of toppers it is hard to say "no" to them. All you have to do is watch the small children. As a mom, my job is always to remove the cupcake liner and cupcake pick.

They are just so cute and such a simple solution to decorating cupcakes, that watching the children is an easy solution.

In case I haven't made myself clear "I love cupcake picks".

There are some wonderful picks available to buy. Here are a selection of my favorites.

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