Hand Mixers

Hand mixers are perfect for the cook who doesn't do a lot of cooking. It will do all your creaming, whippping and beating with ease.

I think I do a lot of cooking and until a few years ago I used my hand mixer constantly. They are so versatile and quick to set up and use.

If you have limited cupboard space and don't beat egg whites a lot - these are absolutely ideal.

I also love electric mixers that have a detachable hand mixer as it is then suitable for beating and whipping whatever you need. What I love is the versatility of using the hand mixer to beat a small quantity of something in a smaller bowl. It does the job quickly and very efficiently.

I have used several mixers and listed below are some of my favorites:

If you want more than a hand beater but still don't use an electric mixer often, the Cuisinart Hand/Stand Mixer is a great buy. I had one of these for years and it was fantastic. It can be converted to a hand beater with a flick of the switch. This Cuisinart model is very verstile, very affordable and very reliable.

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