CakeBalls by J Brentzel

As soon as I saw Cake Balls! advertised, I downloaded it and read it immediately.

If you love the new trend of cake on a stick, but like me, maybe you aren't so crafty, this is the book for you.

The book gives very detailed instructions which makes it very simple to follow and understand. The author starts with cake mixes baked with little fanfare, but then adds in recipes for different frostings, fillings and also includes recipe combinations for making different kinds of cake balls.

For instance, one of the cake balls are Mississppi Muddies - she gives you tips on making the cake (easy) the recipe for the frosting (easy too -and it would be chocolate marshmallow frosting - yum) add some pecan pieces and coating.

There are a couple of pages of easy tips for success too. Because the mixture of crumbled cake and frositng is super moist, they should last for up to two weeks. CakeBalls are therefore the ideal party treat to prepare ahead of time.

The book includes:
- 8 Frosting recipes - (traditional buttercream but also others like caramel and peanut butter frosting);
- 3 frosting recipes; and
- 50 cake ball recipes - including ones with names like Chocolate Covered Cherry, Peppermint Patty Bites, Chocolate Chipolte Pizazz, Lemon Pucker Ups, Apple Spicettes, Banana Walnut and Mojito to name a few of the creative ones.

These little cake truffles are a current take on the petit four.

Cakeballs are small, impressive, moist bite-sized cakes that are one of the best finger food desserts you can serve. Not only do they look like you have spent hours in the kitchen, they taste amazingly good.

All this talk is making me keen to experiment myself. There's no family party on the horizon at the moment, but I think I will surprise my family with some cake balls .

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