Cake Truffles

by Baya

I have heard about cake balls and cake pops, but I always refer to them as Cake Truffles.

I love cooking and making these truffles but I am not very creative when it comes to decorating them. I tend to just crumble my chocolate cake or cupcakes and mix with chocolate ganache. When it is set I roll into little balls and dip into melted dark chocolate. I then sprinkle with coconut, nuts or chocolate and leave to set fully.

My grandchildren prefer colored sprinkles so I usually do a few in sprinkles just for them. A almond sliver or small piece of glace ginger or cherry plaed on top of the truffle always looks and tastes good.

I love ginger and have also added finely grated glace ginger to the cake and ganache mixture. These are my favorite!!

I have experimented with vanilla cake and white chocolate ganache mixed together and then dipped in white chocolate but found them to be too sweet.

Cake truffles are so easy to make and they do keep well. They are Christmas and Easter treats in my house although they are now starting to become a birthday treat as well!

Hi Baya

Thanks very much for your information about cake truffles.

I love the sound of your ginger truffles.

I really like apricot and was thinking I could also do the same but add chopped apricot to the mixture.

Orange mixed with the dark chocolate would make a great jaffa flavor.

The possibilities really are endless. I need to start experimenting.

Thanks again.


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