Cupcake Wedding Favors

Cupcake Wedding Favors are becoming an increasingly popular gift to give to wedding guests.

I have been to weddings and the wedding favor has been a miniature of the wedding cake. The cupcake, packaged in a cupcake box sits proudly on the table all evening for guests to admire.

Cupcakes can be a reasonably inexpensive favor if you choose to make and decorate yourself. It doesn't have to be too intricate. A cupcake covered in buttercream frosting or fondant with either an edible sugar decoration or weddingcupcake pick will look absolutely stunning.

Individual cupcakes are a very personal gift and one that wedding guests will truly appreciate.

If you are making the cupcakes yourself, you will need to allow enough time to make and decorate the cupcakes and have room to store the completed and boxed gifts. Ideally, the cupcakes will need to be made the day before the wedding unless you have experimented and found a recipe that freezes well.

Unless you are making a traditional fuit cupcake with fondant, you will need to be frosting the cupcakes on the eve of the wedding. Fruit cupcakes can be made several days, or even weeks ahead, if stored correctly.

Wedding cupcakes will then to be packaged or displayed. If they are being packaged, they will need to be stored until the wedding day and then packaged on the day as none of the cupcake boxes are airtight.

Cupcake wedding favors can be displayed on individual cupcake pedestals for each guest. Alternatively, an up-turned glass is an acceptable cupcake stand. If the stand is being given as part of the favor it can be wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon to match the wedding colors.

Cupcake favors are especially appropriate if a cupcake wedding cake is being served. The wedding favors are therefore an extension of the main cake.

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