Whoopie Pie Maker

Making whoopie pies is so much easier if you have an electric Whoopie Pie maker.

I always used to laugh at all these gadgets but now my house is full of them.

Popcorn maker, crepe maker, muffin maker, chocolate fondue set, donut maker ... and the list goes on. If you have any more room in your cupboards a whoopie pie maker is a great addition to your kitchen.

Whoopie Pie Maker

The Babycakes pie maker has 12 cavities so you can bake 6 complete whoopie pies at a time. An electric Whoopie Pie Maker takes the guesswork out of baking and shaping. Non-stick baking plates ensure perfectly tender rounds every time.

The pack includes a recipe book, a fork tool, a metal cooling rack, and an icing bag and tip.

Appliance measures 4.2" high, 11.42" wide, and 12.4" deep.

Bella Cucina Whoopie Pie Maker

If you want something smaller and cheaper, the Bella Cucina pie maker has four cavities so only makes 2 complete whoopie pies each time.

It is easy to use and has non-stick baking plates and is power ready with indicator lights. Recipe booklet included.

Cheap doesn't always mean nasty. This compact little pie maker is perfect for the occasional cook. If you want to make lots of whoopie pies you would be better to buy the larger pie maker, or alternatively buy some whoopie pie pans and bake in the oven.

Have fun with all the whoopie pies you will be creating.

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