Cupcake Bouquet

A cupcake bouquet is a great gift to make for someone. It looks very impressive and it is lots of fun to make.

You can either attach all the cupcakes in place and then frost with a buttercream frosting or frost before placing on the Styrofoam ball. I prefer the latter as I can then place the cupcakes in the refrigerator so that the frosting sets completing before attaching the cupcakes.

If you make a cupcake bouquest on a warm day, the frosting may slide off the cupcakes if not completely set. I use a star tipped nozzle and start at the edge of the cupcake piping the frosting in circles until I reach the middle. cupcake bouquet

All you need:
One Styrofoam Ball
Bowl/bucket/flower pot
Piping bag and star tipped nozzle
Tissue paper/cellophane or artificial leaves

The Styrofoam ball needs to fit snugly into your choice of bowl, bucket or flower pot. I would recommend using a well weighted pot or bucket. If needed, glue or tape ball into place. Place a toothpick in the Styrofoam ball near the bottom above the rim of the bowl.

cupcake bouquet Place a cupcake on the toothpick in the middle. Half of the cupcake should be above the rim of the decorative bowl and the other half below the rim of the decorative bowl.

Using another toothpick, place the next cupcake to the left of the cupcake so they are touching.

Continue adding cupcakes around the entire rim of the decorative bowl.

Start the next row by placing a toothpick in the Styrofoam above the first row then add a cupcake so they are touching. Continue adding cupcakes row by row to the left, until the entire Styrofoam ball is covered.

Make sure all the cupcakes are touching, there should not any space between the rows. Fill any gaps with artificial leaves or tissue/cellophane.

Because I made the cupcake bouquet (pictured) on a warm day, I needed to place it in the refrigerator until I was ready to serve it. I made 50 mini cupcakes to cover the styrofoam ball.

I made this cupcake bouquet in yellow and pinks. It would look gorgeous in red and white - perfect for Valentine's Day.

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