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Sock Cupcake

A Sock Cupcake makes a really cute gift. And, like the real thing, you just can't stop at one!!

Our love of cupcakes has started a cupcake craze with all sorts of craft items. One of the latest trends in cupcake craft is rolling socks until they resemble cupcakes.

Box up a mixture of socks, home-made cupcakes, and flannel cupcakes for a perfect gift to take Mom and a newborn baby.

You can also make cupcake gifts with bibs, all-in-one outfits, pajamas, singlets or diapers. What a gorgeous gift box these would make.

Or, follow the instructions and make sock cupcakes for Mom as well. We all know she'd appreciate the thoughtful gift. For my daughters, I have also wrapped knickers into cupcake shapes.

What you Need:

  • Pair of socks
  • Cupcake papers
  • Place the pair of socks together and roll them up starting with the bottom of the sock.
  • When you have completed rolling the socks, take the open end of one sock and open it out and slip it up halfway on the socks.
  • Place sock into a cupcake paper. I have often bought the silicone wrappers as they are a perfect size for the completed socks.
  • I promise it makes sense when you are making them.

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