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Flannel Cupcake

Flannel cupcakes, boxed together with home-made cupcakes make a beautiful gift for Mom and a newborn baby.

They are also a perfect gift for a baby shower.

These easy to follow instructions will show you how to make flannel cupcakes in seconds.

You need:

  • Flannel or toweling washcloth
    Cupcake Liner
  • I prefer to fold the ends in towards the middle and then fold in half again (as shown in the pictures).
  • Roll up tightly from one end and place in cupcake liner.
  • If you are using silicon cupcake liners, which are not as high so do not hold the flannel as tightly, I would recommend placing a small elastic band around the cupcake to hold its shape.
  • The toweling cupcake, or washcloth cupcake, can be decorated with a round bath gel (to look like a cherry) or I often place a fabric flower or fruit ornament on top.

If your love of cupcakes has inspired you to make some crafty cupcake creations, I would love to hear from you.

› Flannel Cupcake

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