Patty Cakes

by Muriel

I grew up calling little cakes patty cakes. Is there a difference between patty cakes, fairy cakes and cupcakes?

Hi Muriel

Thanks for your question about the difference between patty cakes and cupcakes.

I believe that they are the same - small cakes made as a single serve for one person. Like a larger cake, cupcakes are usually frosted and topped with sprinkles or sugar decorations.

They are usually made in paper or foil liners which are placed in a cupcake tray, however, when first invented, cakes were baked in cups in the oven. It is because of this that it is believed they got their name.

Another school of thought is that the name cupcakes was derived because the ingredients were a cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour etc.

The term "fairy cakes" seems to be more common in the United Kingdom. Fairy cakes are often even smaller versions of a cupcake. They are suitable for small children, fairies, and pixies. These mini cupcakes are also an ideal treat for morning and afternoon teas.

Fairy cakes are usually more of a lighter, sponge-like consistency with a vanilla flavor. Icing is usually a glace frosting and topped with sprinkles.

Thanks again for your question.


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Oct 07, 2015
Interesting NEW
by: Maya

Thanks for the question and for the answer. I found it by essident but it was interesting to know that there are another name for cupcakes. Now when I bring my cupcakes to the where to buy essays I say these are faircakes)))

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