Cupcake party favors

by Laura

For my daughter's 1st birthday we chose a cupcake theme, and I was thrilled to find your site. I combined two of your ideas to make the perfect party favors for our bunch of toddlers.

I made the Sock Cupcakes as per your instructions and wrapped them up with tulle like you suggested for the take home cupcakes. (I didn't send real cupcakes home with our guests as it would be pretty messy with kids that young and some guests were traveling from out of town).

Inside the tulle under the cupcake, I also included a cupcake colouring sheet and cupcake stickers. I tied up the girls ones with pretty hair elastics and the boys with funky shoelaces.

Hi Laura
I loved to hear about your cupcake party favors. It is great to know that you found my website useful.

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