Christmas Cupcake Ideas

by Alex

I have just made my first batch of Christmas Cupcakes for an early Christmas Party. I made chocolate cupcakes using your Martha Stewart Cupcakes recipe. I then made buttercream frosting which I tinted pink because I wanted to swirl the frosting so that it resembled a Christmas tree.

I added one small silver cachous to represent the star on the top of the tree and then sprinkled red edible sugar over the frosting.

The cupcakes were a huge hit. I think I will make them for every Christmas party I go to this year.

Thanks so much for the great Christmas Cupcake ideas.

Hi Alex

Thansk so much for taking the effort and write about your cupcakes. I love the photo of your little Christmas trees.

There are so many wonderful cupcake liners and wrappers available for Christmas that a reasonably plain and easy frosting can be set off to maximum effect. I love the cupcake liners that you used.

Good luck with the rest of your Christmas cupcakes.


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