Best Cupcake Recipes

by Katie

I am really interested in starting my own cupcake business from home and bought your book. This has made me even more determined to start my business.

I have several recipes that I use but the trouble is they are always best the day that they are made and I need to be prepared and have cupcake recipes that I can make the day ahead, if necessary. This way I can frost and have ready for an early morning order.

What are your best cupcake recipes that keep well and can be made ahead of time? Do they freeze well?

Hi Katie

Thanks so much for your questions about the best cupcake recipes to use when starting a cupcake business.

I agree that you need to use recipes that will last well and the three best recipes that I have found are my chocolate obsession cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes and red velvet cupcakes.

These three recipes are easy to make but best of all they can be made the day before required. I even think the chocolate obsession cupcakes are better made a day before. What I love is that the mixture can be made and refrigerated a fortnight before needed. I have made the mixture and left it in the fridge for that long just to check that it does last that well and believe me, it does.

Good luck with your cupcake business and I hope this helps.


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