Vanilla Frosting Recipe

by Cleo

This vanilla frosting recipe is actually for a dairy free frosting. It tastes great and I make it often as my son has a severe dairy allergy. By making this frosting he doesn't have to miss out on sweet treats.

7oz (200g) olive or soy spread
14oz (400g) confectioners (icing) sugar
2-1/2fl oz (80ml) rice or soy milk
2 teaspoons vanilla essence
3fl oz (90ml) vanilla soy yoghurt

Beat the olive or soy spread in a small bowl of an electric mixer until light and fluffy (approx 2-3 minutes).

Ad half of the confectioners sugar, the milk, vanilla and yoghurt and beat on hight until the mixture is creamy.

Add remaining confectioners sugar and continue beating until the mixture is smooth and the sugar is well combined.

Hi Cleo

Thanks so much for submitting your dairy-free vanilla frosting recipe.

I don't often make vegan or dairy-free frostings so it is great to get recipes recommended by readers.

Thanks again for sharing.


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