Vanilla Cupcake

Hi. I am wanting to make your vanilla cupcake recipe but am unsure what thickened cream is.

Do i buy double cream and thicken it myself? I am new to baking.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks very much for your question.

Cream is classified according to the amount of its fat content. This fat content varies between about 10% and 55%. The names vary considerably between countries.

According to my understanding of thickened cream (in Australia) it is 35% milk fat and used for cooking, pouring over foods, and whipping.

Heavy Whipping Cream (United States and Canada) is 36 - 40% milk fat and is used for cooking, pouring over foods, and whipping. Extra-heavy, double, or manufacturer's cream contains 38–40% milk fat.

Whipping Cream (United Kingdom) also contains 35% milk fat and whips well and can be piped.

Cream sold in Japan is usually between 35-48% fat content.

These cream can all be found in the dairy case of any grocery store near the milk.

It is usually in a small carton or plastic container, and is sold by many companies. Most grocery stores sell their own store brand of heavy cream (sometimes called heavy whipping cream).

To answer your question, double cream has a fat content of 48% so I would recommend that you use whipping cream,to replace thickened cream. However, if you can't find it, you can use double cream but the calorie count will be much higher!

I hope this helps.

Good luck with your cooking.


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