Sticky Cupcake Wrappers

by Meredith
(So. California)

Lucky Me! Cupcakes!

Lucky Me! Cupcakes!

I consider myself an above-average baker, but have problems with only one recipe... When converting my great-grandma's Texas chocolate sheet cake recipe to cupcakes, I sometimes find that the wrappers stick to the cupcakes. I am careful to prepare them exactly the same each time, but they stick once in awhile. When I pull back the paper, the wrappers pull half of the cake with them. Do you know what might make this happen? Thanks!

Thanks very much for your question Meredith

Sticky cupcake wrapper does seem to happen sometimes when the cupcakes have a lot of sugar in the recipe as the mixture is very dense and moist. I would recommend that you lightly spray the cupcake wrappers with a non-stick canola oil cooking spray when using your great-grandma's Texas chocolate sheet cake recipe.

Another solution might be to use foil cupcake liners. I have never had a problem with the cupcake sticking to these.

I would love you to send in your recipe - the photograph looks fantastic.

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Aug 26, 2012
foil wrappers
by: Anonymous

My Aunt is having a wedding and I am making her cake. She wanted to bake cupcakes as well but when she made a test batch with Wilton Foil Cupcake liners the cake stuck to the wrapper pulling most of the cake with it. Would it be useful to grease these liners like you suggested greasing the paper liners? Or would this make them greasy? I have never had cupcakes stick to the paper before and this was our first time useing foil wrappers which were supposed to be great since the color doesn't fade.

Oct 07, 2015
Thanks NEW
by: Lolly

Thank you very much for this advice cause all my cupakes were a totally disoaster. But last time a tried to put not so much sugar and that oil. It helped and i brought wonderful cupcakes to the Uk writing reviews office.

Oct 08, 2015
by: lola

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