Starting a Bakery - what is it like?

by Libby

I kind of dream about starting a small cupcake business in my area. I love to bake as a hobby.

I have been going to a community college for four years and I am still undecided about my major because i don't know if it makes me happy.

What does it take to start a small cupcake business?


Hi Libby

Thanks so much for your question. I have been asked about starting a cupcake bakery so often that I have now added a page to my website - How to Start a Cupcake Business.

I hope this page answers all your questions. If you still need to know more, Paula Spencer's book Start a Cupcake Business Today is well worth reading.

I run my cupcake website but don't sell cupcakes as a business. I love baking and have often baked for family and friends and their families and friends and am still deciding whether to start a business and bake commercially. This is why I can relate to your question and can guarantee that Paula's book will answer all your questions about how to start a business.

It is then up to you to decide if you can see yourself baking full-time or if you want it to remain a hobby.

Good luck with your decisions.


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