Start a cupcake business

by Shelbi Lee


My name is Shelbi. My two sisters and I want to start a cupcake business, but we dont have alot of time with school and jobs.

Our mother ALWAYS baked, so its kinda in our blood. Do you have any suggestions on how to start a business with cupcakes? Thanks very much and I hope to hear back!
- Shelbi

Hi Shelbi

That's a question I get asked quite often.

My suggestion would be to make cupcakes for family and friends at every possible opportunity. Wherever you go, take cupcakes. It won't take long before your friends and family will start asking you to make cupcakes for them. Then their friends will ask and so on and so on.

If you are restricted because of school and other commitments, it will probably take a while to build up orders but you can have lots of fun trying new recipes and deciding the easiest way for you to frost the cupcakes. Concentrate on one or two favorite recipes and make sure that you can easily make them.

I love my Chocolate Obsession recipe as it keeps really well. This is important if you have to bake an order a day before it is due so that you have plenty of time to frost without the cupcakes going stale.

You can put up notices at local shopping malls advertising your cupcakes. Going to local swap meets, car boot sales or taking a stall at a fete are other ways to advertise and sell your cupcakes.

Print up some flyers and do a letterbox delivery in your local area. These are all relatively cheap ways to get started but they also bring good results.

It can take a while to get started but it will be lots of fun building up your business.

Good luck.

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