Sell Cupcakes

by Anne
(South Africa)

My Business LOGO

My Business LOGO

I have met a friend of mine when studying at University, she can bake cakes and muffins.

We decided to open a business for our Saturday classes at University where she was supposed to bake the cakes and I was to bring the drinks and sell to our fellow students.

After that, she gave me some recipes, I started baking. I have baked my child's birthday cake and cupcakes that I have shared at her creche. Everybody loves them.

I started planning to open a cupcake business - Annecake. I just hope God will bless my idea.

Thank you

Hi Anne

Thanks so much for sharing your story about how you decided to sell cupcakes.

I think that with fewer and fewer people who seem to cook these days, but at the same time more and more people seem to enjoy tasty home-cooked treats, you are on to a real winner.

The main thing is to ensure the quality of your cupcakes by using reliable recipes and using good ingredients. Your customers will happily pay for freshness and taste.

I hate going to the shops and seeing cupcakes packaged with an expiry date that is 6 weeks ahead. All I can think is that they must be packed with preservatives to keep them that long. In contrast, the home-based cupcake baker can offer freshness and variety of flavors.

Good luck with your business.


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