Princess Cupcakes

by Lori

I am trying to re-create this princess cupcake, but I am not sure how the frosting was applied? do you think this was piped with a 2A tip or done by hand?

I would love to know how to get this effect and the frosting so iridescent. Thank you for any help.

Hi Lori

Thanks very much for your question about those gorgeous pricess cupcakes. The photo is a bit grainy and it is very difficult to tell which tip was used but I think it was probably a 2A.

If I was trying to recreate this look, I would make up a buttercream frosting and color it with violet coloring. I would then pipe the bottom layer and sprinkle over a violet color dust. You could also use pearlized sugar or sparkling sugars. It wouldn't really matter if you got a matching violet or white/pearl.

After this has been done you can pipe on the next layer of buttercream frosting.

I don't know if you have seen sugar pearls but they would be perfect for placing around the edge of the second layer. All you need then is a little tiara to complete your princess cupcakes.

Good luck and I would love you to send a photo of the completed cakes.


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