Measuring Cup

by Anji

I am really loving the recipes and decorating ideas but it would be a great help if you could have the measurements in grams too as no one here understands the American weight system of cups and there are so many

different conversions.

I have just converted one cup flour into 125g but one cup sugar is 200g . I am really not sure if this is right...?


Hi Anji

Thanks very much for your question about cup measurements.

You are spot on with your conversions for flour (4 oz/125g) and sugar (7oz/200g) as being equal to 1 cup. I always use a standard 250ml cup for all my recipes.

I hope the following is a bit of a guide for you.
1 cup = 250 ml = 8 fl oz = 1/2 pint (liq) = 16 tbsp = 48 tsp, all measurements regarding liquid measurements are standard and do not vary depending on the material.

Here are a few common foods and their conversion from cups to ounces and grams (notice how much the weight varies!):

Granulated sugar: 1 cup = 7 oz or 200 grams
Brown sugar: 1 cup, packed = 7 ½ oz or 220 grams
Sifted white flour: 1 cup = 4 oz or 125 grams
White rice, uncooked: 1 cup = 6 ½ oz or 185 grams
White rice, cooked: 1 cup = 6 ¼ oz or 175 grams
Butter: 1 cup = 7 ½ oz or 227 grams
Almonds, slivered: 1 cup = 3 ½ oz or 108 grams
Oil: 1 cup = 7 ½ oz or 224 grams
Maple syrup: 1 cup = 11 ¼ oz or 322 grams
Milk, non-fat: 1 cup = 8 ½ oz or 245 grams
Milk, sweetened condensed: 10 ½ oz or 306 grams
Broccoli, flowerets: 1 cup = 2 ½ oz or 71 grams
Raisins: 1 cup, packed = 5 ½ oz or 165 grams
Milk, dry: 1 cup = 2 ¼ oz or 68 grams
Yogurt: 1 cup = 8 ½ oz or 245 grams
Water: 1 cup = 8 ¼ oz or 235 grams
Confectioners sugar: 1 cup = 3 ½ oz or 110 grams
Cocoa: 1 cup = 4 oz or 125 grams

All cup and spoon measurements are level. The difference between the measuring cup of one country and another is only a variance of 2-3 teaspoons which will not affect the baking results.

North America, New Zealand and the United Kingdom all use a 15ml tablespoon, whereas Australia uses a 20ml tablespoon.

I hope this helps.


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Apr 21, 2013
Measurements NEW
by: Grandma Murphy

Thanks for the conversions of measurements from American Cups to English Ounces, it is a great help.

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