Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas

by Charlene Jindi

Last Halloween 2011, I decided to make something different for my family & friends. I've never been the expert with a piping bag & all the other tools for icing but I thought what better way to practice that creativity through Halloween Cupcakes decorating!

I decided with the simple chocolate cupcakes that had brain motifs as the icing. At first, it was a rather messy mission --trying to control the movement of your hands,squeezing out the icing from the piping bag & aiming it on the cupcake was simply challenging but as they say, practice makes perfect!

So, after my fifth or sixth cupcake, I was getting more icing ON the cupcakes rather than on our dining table. Plus, when my family & friends had a nibble, they couldn't get enough of the Halloween treat & it encouraged me to look for more icing ideas for my cupcakes...hence here I am on this website planning to search for the perfect icing for tomorrows cupcakes I plan to bake. Cheers!

Thanks Charlene for your submission giving everyone some great Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas. I must admit I have never decorated cupcakes to look like brains! Your pictures look fantastic.


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