Flimsy Cupcake Liners

by Trinity

How can I assure that my liners stay in tact? Many times when I'm filling the liners, they collapse. This leads to a HUGE mess and wasted delicious batter. How can I make sure my liners stay firm?

Hi Trinity

Thanks for your question about cupcake liners.

Have you tried putting two liners in each hole of the cupcake tray? This should give them a bit more support as it will be twice as thick and the liners shouldn't fold in once the cupcake mixture has been added.

When you take the baked cupcakes out of the pan the outer liner will come apart easily and leave one attached to the cupcake. It is a waste of liners, but the cupcakes keep their shape and they look good. And best of all ... no mess adding the mixture to the liners.

If any other reader has had this problem I would love you to give Trinity some advice as to how you have overcome this issue.

Thanks so much


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Flimsy Cupcake Liners NEW
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