Egg Sizes

I live in Africa and we have different egg sizes. Please what are the approximate weight of eggs you use in your recipes?

Thanks From - mosunbello1@yahoo co uk

Thanks very much for your question.

Egg sizes is a very complex question. My recipes all use medium-sized eggs.

Most of my eggs are free-range farm eggs which I get from a friend so I have no idea of the weight of them. If they are exceptionally small I will use an extra egg (or one egg less if eggs are exceptionally large) but mostly just use what the recipe states.

The difference between a large and a medium egg is about half an ounce. Of course, if your recipe calls for 8 eggs it'll make a greater difference than if it calls for 1 egg. Here's a guide to use in making your decision:

Extra Large egg about 2.25 ounces
Large egg about 2 ounces
Medium egg about 1.75 ounces

I hope this helps.

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