Cupcakes and Diet

by Blanca Scully
(Paris, France)

My name is Blanca. I'm 14 and I love Baking.

Yesterday, I was looking for an Icing Recipe and I am so glad that I found your Website. I spent most of my afternoon copying your recipes onto my "Recipe Book"!

I haven't actually tried any of them yet because I'm on a diet... But I can't wait! I have a question, though. How many calories are in a Cupcake including its Icing? Is it really bad if I eat one? Anyway, they all look so great!

I get hungry whenever I visit your Website! I guess I just wanted to thank you for this Website and tell you that you've done an amazing job creating it. It's wonderful.

My GodFather has been feeling down, lately and I have been looking for something to cheer him up, and thanks to you, I found it! You are, I am sure, a Life Saver for many girls and women! So thank you, again. Your Website is, I think by far, my Favorite!

Hi Blanca
Thanks very much for your nice comments about my website. The number of calories in a cupcake is difficult to gauge as it depends on the size of the cupcake and the flavors used. A chocolate mud cupcake with lots of melted chocolate will obviously have more calories than a carrot cupcake or a plain vanilla cupcake. In a large cupcake there is usually about 200-250 calories. Like most things, cupcakes are not bad if eaten in moderation.

Cupcakes and diet are probably not the ideal partners. Enjoy eating cupcakes but just don't make them your main food group!

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May 30, 2011
Slightly sinking cupcakes
by: Larina

I have recently tried out a red velvet cupcake recipe for the first time, in looks it was only ok but tasted fantastic, everyday since then I have been trying to make them again but seem to be having problems with them sinking in the middle. All my ingredients are fresh. And mixture is done by hand and not overbeaten.

Found your website today from looking for a solution, it's fabulous. Can't wait to try out your recipes.

Apr 23, 2015
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Jul 19, 2016
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