Cupcake stand


Decorated Eco-Cupcake Stand in Zebra Theme

Decorated Eco-Cupcake Stand in Zebra Theme

Cupcakes Craze Green on Eco Cardboard Structures

In the face of a troubled economy, savvy Greentrepreneur Carole Soss quickly made her mark with Launched in February of 2008, her site features an array of guilt free, eco-friendly gifts and tableware, firmly establishing Greenpartygoods as the place to go for one stop shopping for eco-friendly entertaining.

Realizing that her success relies on merging environmental consciousness with the freshest retail trends, has joined t the cupcake craze. “A large portion of my business has become brides passionate about having a green wedding. They are sensitive to waste, and extravagance. Cupcakes have taken center stage as an economical, convenient, creative, alternative to the wedding cake. The challenge was to find a way to display cupcakes elegantly. Enter the Eco-Cupcake Stand: a reusable, recyclable cupcake tower designed by us, made from two-sided, coated recycled corrugated cardboard, so it can be wiped clean, stored - ready for reassembly and redecoration at another event.

We all know that the cupcake is basically an icing delivery vehicle, and the Eco-Cupcake Stand was designed to ensure ample space between each tier for frosting and a topper. Both cupcake stand designs, the square and the round, form perfect platforms to decorate. The bride or hostess can express herself with a personal touch and customize either stand to match the palette of her occasion. We have many beautiful examples of decoration on our site.”

Carole recalls a quote about the cupcake being a “sort of little black dress, they are a classic dessert.” They are portable, no need for forks or spoons, and they provide nostalgia. There are cupcake classes, cocktail & cupcake receptions, cupcake tours, cupcake bakeries with thousands following on Twitter. So I say have your cupcake and display it too.”


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