Cupcake shelf life

What is the approximate shelf life of the cupcakes? With the cream cheese frosting do they need to be refrigerated or can they sit on the counter?

Many thanks - can't wait to get baking.

Thanks very much for your question. Cupcake shelf life seems to depend greatly on the type of cupcake you are making.

Cupcakes containing oil last much longer than those with egg and butter bases. Carrot, banana, hummingbird cake all last for several days. All are suitable for cream cheese frosting but I would store them in the refrigerator, especially in hot/warm weather.

Denser chocolate cupcakes, such as the chocolate mud keep well for a few days. My best ever vanilla cupcakes also keep well and I often make them the day before they are needed.

Cupcakes with a syrup poured over them when still warm store very well for a few days.

Most cupcakes are suitable to be made one day and eaten the next.

I think a lot depends on individual taste. I like fresh tasting cupcakes and often throw cupcakes out the next day if not eaten, whereas lots of my family and friends still consider them fresh enough.

Good luck with your baking.


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Jul 04, 2011
Cupcakes wrapped in fondant
by: Jenn


Currently I am making cupcakes with a buttercream frosting and they have a shelf life of about 2-3 days at best. I want to preserve the cupcake for a little longer, would wrapping the cupcake in fondant, as you would maybe a wedding cake, increase the shelf life to a week? I don't want to use any preservatives or additives.

Thank you,


Sep 14, 2015
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