Cupcake Papers

Why do cupcake papers release from the cupcake after baking?

Also, why do my red velvet cupcakes have holes in them and sink?

I hope you can help me.

Thank You.

Thanks very much for your questions Susan

With regards to the question about cupcake papers coming away from the cupcakes I always think a good rule of thumb for baking standard cupcakes is:
- don't open the oven door for the first 15 minutes.

Your precious little cupcakes need to develop some structural integrity. After 15 minutes you may need to shift the position of the pans in order to move trays in and out of "hot spots". (Some cupcakes only need 15 minutes to bake but most tend to take between 20-25 minutes to bake fully.)

Often cupcakes shrinking from the cupcake liners means they are a little overcooked. It can also be due to:

- too little mixture in the pan;

- trays greased too heavily (I always use cupcake papers;

- cooling cupcakes in cupcake trays;

- over-beating mixture; or

- too much liquid.

You can, hopefully, pick which of these will be your answer. Sometimes cupcakes that are not baked enough will not have a firm enough structure and they will fall which could also mean that they shrink from the papers.

With regards to the question about red velvet cupcakes having holes and sinking, it could be that you are beating the mixture for too long or too fast. Most recipes call for the flour to be gently folded in rather than beaten in with the electric mixer. This would also account for the cupcakes sinking.

I hope this helps.


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