Cupcake Liner

by Jana Selamat

I always have this problem with my cupcake. It seems that my cake won't stick to the cupcake liner. I had tried a few recipes but it turns out the same problem but it does not happen to tiny mini cupcake papers. I always use medium and large paper cupcake papers and got this problem. Can you help me?


I always think a good rule of thumb for baking standard cupcakes is:
- don't open the oven door for the first 15 minutes.

Your precious little cupcakes need to develop some structural integrity. After 15 minutes you may need to shift the position of the pans in order to move trays in and out of "hot spots".

Often cupcakes shrinking from the cupcake liners means they are a little overcooked. It can also be due to:

- too little mixture in the pan;

- trays greased too heavily (I always use cupcake papers;

- cooling cupcakes in cupcake trays;

- over-beating mixture; or

- too much liquid.

You can, hopefully, pick which of these will be your answer. Sometimes cupcakes that are not baked enough will not have a firm enough structure and they will fall which could also mean that they shrink from the papers.

If your mini cupcakes are alright, I would suggest that it is the amount of baking time that is not correct. Try taking the medium and large cupcakes out of the oven a minute or two earlier and see if that makes any difference.

Good luck.

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