Cupcake Icing

by Barbarita
(jeffersonville, IN, USA)

Hi, I have been looking all over trying to find my answer, what type of cupcake icing or frosting do I need to be able to just dip cupcakes in so that they are all covered and have a whatever color that I want on them and do they have to be hot or cold when I dip them? I would really appreciate it if someone could explain this to me.


Hi Barbarita

Thanks for your email.

If you want a really runny frosting suitable for dipping cupcakes I would make up a mixture of confectioners (icing) sugar and hot water. This can be flavored with cocoa powder, or colored with food coloring to get the color you are after.

The confectioners sugar can also be blended with a combination of hot water and lemon/orange juice and have citrus zest added for a bit more flavor.

Even though the frosting needs to be quite runny to be able to dip the cupcakes, it will set on standing.

The cupcakes are best dipped in frosting when they have cooled.

I have often dipped cupcakes in such a frosting and then tossed in coconut so that the cupcakes resemble a lamington.

I hope this helps.


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