Cupcake Birthday Cakes

by Anne
(Perth, Australia)

My son is very musical and loves playing both the piano and the drums.

For his recent birthday party with his music friends, I made chocolate cupcakes and frosted them with chocolate glace frosting.

To made the music notes and treble clefs, I melted chocolate and added color to it. I had a mixture of pink and white as it looked the best on the chocolate frosting (there were also a lot of girls at the party!)

I then piped the chocolate onto baking paper and put it in the refrigerator to set.

To make the cupcakes look like sheet music, I thinly slice pieces of licorice and placed the five thin slices in rows across the cupcakes.

When the chocolate had set, I then places treble clefs and music notes on top of the licorice. It looked really good.

To make a cupcake display I had sheet music and drum sticks as a backdrop.

I had also bought some napkins with music note images and other music supplies. The cupcakes fitted in so well with my theme and everyone was so impressed.

Hi Anne

What a great idea for cupcake birthday cakes. They are such a great size and it is amazing some of the decorating ideas that people come up with.

I love it when you can co-ordinate cupcakes with your party theme. The music theme is really good and I love that you were able to buy cupcake napkins as well.

Well done and thanks for sharing your ideas.


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