Cupcake Baking--A Beginners Guide

by Adina from
(Abu Dhabi, UAE)

People have been baking cupcakes for ages, but each year cupcake bakers create new mixes, flavors, and designs. Cupcakes are so easy to prepare but at times because of their small sizes, decorating them can be a little challenging. If it is your first time to bake cupcakes, consider these helpful tips:

  • Make sure to buy ready made toppers that are 1 � inches in size because that is the size of a standard cupcake.

  • If you intend to bring the cupcakes some where else, it is important to use pre-chilled frosting to keep its shape and form.

  • Storing frosted cupcakes in the freezer may change their form and perfect looks, it is better to keep them in the freezer without any frosting.

  • Using various colors for the frosting and design should be based on the occasion or party theme. If you intend to bake cupcakes for the holiday season, use frostings and designs that have the color red, white, and green.

  • If you need to finish decorating hundreds of cupcakes for wedding celebrations, simply put frosting on top, and then sprinkle some colored frosting sprinkles on top depending on the motif.

  • Always follow the recipe guide in order to come out with a perfect cupcake all the time. Avoid over-baking to prevent burned cupcakes.

Preparing and decorating cupcakes can a lot of fun. It only requires a little bit of imaginative and creative thinking.

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Dec 04, 2014
decorating cupcakes NEW
by: Valerie

Although I've been baking for years I am new to baking cupcakes. I am not good at decorating yet!! Any tips on frosting concisentcy when frosting w/pastry bags?

Jun 12, 2015
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Oct 15, 2015
I can prepare most things NEW
by: Anonymous

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