Coconut Frosting Recipe

by Katie


200g of icing sugar
1300g of margarine
100g of dessicated coconut

1.) first add in the icing sugar and butter in a bowl.

2.) then whisk using an electrical whisker, keep whisking till the mixture is light and fluffy.

3.) once the icing is light and fluffy with a table spoon add in the coconut and mix.

4.)then spread the coconut frosting on to the cake and if you want you can sprinkle some more coconut on top of the cake, or it can be nuts, lemon zest, grated chocolate according to your taste.

Note: the coconut can be reduced or increased according to your taste.

You can add coco powder to the frosting if you want to or some vanilla essence.

Thanks Katie for sending in your coconut frosting recipe. I love coconut and a frosting like this would be great teamed with lime cupcakes. I think lime and coconut are two flavors that are made to be served together.

Can't wait to try your frosting.


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