Carrot Cake Frosting

by Suzanna

For my carrot cake frosting I love to use a cream cheese frosting but I like to add the juice and rind of an orange for a little extra taste.

Here is my recipe.

8oz (250g) cream cheese*
Rind and juice of a small orange
1 cup confectioners (icing) sugar

Beat the cream cheese, rind and juice in the small bowl of an electric mixer and continue beating until smooth and well combined.

Gradually add confectioners sugar (approx a tablespoon at a time), beating well after each addition.

Continue until all the confectioners sugar has been added and beat until well combined and creamy.

* I like to have the cream cheese at room temperature as it is easier to beat, however, I know some friends that will not allow cream cheese to get to room temperature as they worry about it being a dairy product and think it should always be kept refrigerated.

Hi Suzanna

Thanks very much for sharing your carrot cake frosting recipe.

I agree the addition of the orange is a great idea. Cream cheese frosting is a fantastic and easy frosting and swapping the orange for juice and rind of a lemon, or vanilla essence or other essences or cocoa powder completely changes the taste. It is so versatile that it can be altered to suit just about any cake or cupcake.

I like to get my cream cheese to room temperature before beating it and have no concerns about this. I do, however, always store my frosted cupcakes in the refrigerator.

Thanks again for sending in your recipe.


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