Calories in Cupcakes

What is the amount of kilojoules in an average cupcake?

Thanks so much for your question. With so many people watching what they eat but still wanting to enjoy a little treat this is a great question.

Treats are high in kilojoules so they really are "sometimes foods" as against "always foods" and should be eaten in moderation.

A large 3oz (90g) cupcake has less that 1200 kg and 15g of fat. Eat one without the frosting and you will cut down the kilojoules quite substantially. Trouble is not many cupcake bakeries have frosting-free cupcakes on sale as they don't look quite as appealing.

Try a smaller 1.5oz (45g) cupcake and you will still enjoy it but will also reduce the kilojoules to under 600. This size is still perfect to enjoy with your morning or afternoon tea.

I often make mini cupcakes because they are a perfect guilt-free treat.

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Nov 03, 2015
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