Birthday Cupcake

by Kate

I love simple and understated cupcakes and so the birthday cupcake I decided on for my son's fourth birthday was just a simple chocolate cupcake, frosted in buttercream.

The school likes mini cupcakes as they are easy to serve and the children don't get too messy or too hyped-up after eating them. The teachers also said that mainly the frosting gets eaten and the cupcakes are left forgotten.

For this reason I made very small mini chocolate cupcakes so that each cupcake really was only a mouthful for even the smallest child. I then made buttercream frosting that I tinted blue. The frosting was piped onto the cupcake in a swirling pattern starting from the outside of the cake into the center.

I then topped each birthday cupcake with colorful sprinkles (also called jimmies or 100s & 1000s). I know I am bragging but they looked really impressive.

The teachers were so happy with my cupcakes and said the size was perfect and they wished all the parents could do the same!

First school birthday and I got a gold star!

Hi Kate

Thanks so much for your birthday cupcake suggestion.

The mini size cupcake is ideal for little children. I make that size a lot myself as I find everyone is happy to take one without the diet being blown out of the water.

Also if you are serving more than one variety of cupcake, people will try each flavor without overdosing on sweetness.

I am so pleased that you got your gold star!

Well done.


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Cupcake NEW
by: You made it yourself? Without anyone's help? It's unbelievable. The blue tint is very becoming. It gives a special outlook.

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